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Blogs. I contribute regularly to:

Video interviews. Here’s a sample of YouTube videos:
Interview with Mac Lake about A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip
Stop-Motion Video About the Multi-Site Movement

Heartbeat of Rising Influence Churches

Interview with co-author Ed Stetzer about Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters Become Movement Makers

Interview with co-author Scott Thumma about The Other 80%: Turning Your Church’s Spectators into Active Participants,  see also here

Podcasts. Here are a few samples:
Neue podcast with senior editor Josh Loveless and Warren Bird
Leadership Network: Leadnet.org/podcast, put my last name in “keywords” and click the “go” button
Alex McManus interviewing about multi-site churches

Webinars. Fifty-minute presentation on “Lean Staff” churches: learnings.leadnet.org/2010/05/lean-staff-churches-webinar-recording-available.html

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Warren Bird in Chicago interviewing Wilfredo “Choco” de Jesus just after
his church became the largest-attendance congregation in its denomination. (above)

Warren Bird at Saddleback interviewing Bryan Carter and Lee Powell
for Leadership Network’s “The Nines” broadcast. (below)